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September start !

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Hi all, after the summer on september we are planing to reopen all servers with huge fixes/updates ! See you soon !

Posted 16 / 07 / 2018
x100 Server Start

Server Informations

Registration ONLINE !!!!

Server Start 11 May !
Version: Season 13 Episode 1
Files: IGCN Premium
Normal Experience: x100
Master Experience: x100
Event Experience: Double
Item drop: 50%
Maximal stats: 32767 (32k)
Maximal level: 920
Maximal master level: 520
Reset level: 400
Reset cost: 2kk* Zen 
Reset rewards: 500 Free Points + 10WCC
Spots everywhere, press TAB to open map (3-5 Mobs/Spot)
RUUD from Hearts, Medals, Golden/Silver Sealed Boxes, All map bosses and other Events
Chaos Castle +2, +3, +4 ,+5, +6, +7 Reward Ancient items
Guild Create from: 150 level 
MuBot (MuHelper) from: 1 level
Offlevel and Offtrade System Enabled

Posted 05 / 05 / 2018
UPDATE 23.03.2018

Hi ,

As you all could see server has been down for few hours , for this reason all exp has been increased DOUBLE.

Update Change logs :

Fixed Party Move System
PartyMove system Removed in some maps.
Fixed Fire Blow regular skill attack distance issue
Extended MiracleBoxShop attributes
Fixed high magic damage issue

Arena added mobs for master level.

Posted 23 / 03 / 2018
UPDATE 18.03.2018

Hi all todays Update list read below please. For this update please donwload new patch !!DYVC0TBJ!LZPaYPmgQ66aCLZI_Tz12IOKa5xTFXTMl6DMfMm9rmE



Change Logs

  • Silver / Gold Keys tradeable (Many other items has been made tradeable aswell.)
  • Updated Game Client version
    Added new item bag
    Modified selected item bags.
    Fixed bag type for selection of item bags
    Completed file configuration
    Removed stun effect from Breche and Magic Pin skills
    Fixed current exp rates display in client (bottom-left corner)
    Fixed Obsidian skill values are not displayed properly
    Fixed Labyrinth of Dimension monster level multiplier configuration not working properly
    Fixed selection of minor glitches for Labyrinth of Dimension event
    Fixed Elemental Option mix issues
    Fixed Kundun does not drop items in certain scenario
    Fixed selection of skills not working in Offline Levelling mode
    Fixed possible duration removal from item in certain scenario
    Fixed Guide Quest System not working properly for second and further character within account
    Fixed file configuration to avoid damage decrease due to stats limit
    Fixed Dark Horse drop in certain maps
    Fixed not working "Increases Wizardry" option for selected mastery weapons
    Fixed fourth class quest process in party where entire party was awarded with stats points reward
    Fixed attack distance issue for Fire Blow Enhanced
    Fixed damage going to high in certain combination of Awakening items
    Fixed Jewel Mix issue where jewels could disappear rarely
    Fixed options values for selection of bound items
    Fixed file configuration to prevent possible exp bonus issues
    Fixed file syntax issue and completed config
    Improved Water Monster healing for Lord of Darkness battle
    Added new monsters
  • X-Shop changes.
    Added new Muuns and updated Muun Exchange reward
    Extended Garuda Flame Drop to Swamp of Darkness map
    Range of other code fixes and improvements
  • Fixed Max Speed configuration for Elf does not work
    Fixed Exp rate display improperly in certain scenario
Posted 18 / 03 / 2018
x5000 Server info #

Server Info :
Server starting this friday 16 MARCH ! Registration online !

Server Version: Season 13 Episode 1
Normal Experience: 5000x
Master Experience: 3000x

Item Drop: 80%
Max Level: 920
Max Master Level: 520
/offtrade in game for WCC
Reset Level: 400
Reset Cost: 2kk* Reset , 1000free points + 10WCC reward - Reset in web
Create all characters from level 1
All Bosses RESPAWN TIME 4 Hours !
Spots in all maps , press TAB to see them 6-10mobs
Bonus Event normal level x2 Exp , Master Level x2 Exp , Item and Exc item drop +10%
RUUD From Hearts,Medals, Golden+Silver sealed boxes/All Map bosses and other Events!
New Jewel drop in all maps ! dark bless, dark soul, dark life, jewel of luck.

CC,BC,DS Have 2x Bonus exp!

BC Reward AA Weapons , and 12% for Exc AA Weapons + Blessed exc AA weapons.
CC +2, +3, +4 ,+5, +6, +7 Reward Ancient items
BC And DS Has increased Exc item Drop !

Chaos machine Rates :
Level +10 = 70%, Level +11= 65%, Level +12= 65%, Level +13= 60%, Level +14= 60%,Level +15= 55%,+Luck gives 20%

Jewel Rates :
Soul +luck: 90% , Without luck: 65% , Jewel of life: 75%

Posted 16 / 03 / 2018

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